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#Шупаев Глеб, вариант 17 ( метод интегрирования 2, функция 3)
from math import sin, cos
from integrator.integrator import integral
def main():
left = float(input("Левая граница: "))
right = float(input("Правая граница:"))
step = float(input("Шаг:"))
assert step > 0, "Шаг интегрирования должен быть строго положительным"
assert cos(left) != 0,"Выход за область определения"
assert cos(right) != 0,"Выход за область определения"
if(left == right):
if __name__ == "__main__":
from integrator.utils import func, generate_steps, S
def integral(left,right,step,func = func):
sum = 0
iterable = generate_steps(left,right,step)
for l,r in iterable:
sum+= S(r,step,func)
from math import sin, cos
def generate_steps(left,right,step):
while left<right and left + step<=right:
yield left, left+ step
left += step
if(left+step > right):
yield left, right
def begin():
iterable = generate_steps(0,1,0.3)
for l,r in iterable:
def func(x):
return sin(5*x)/cos(x)
def S(x,step, func = func):
return func(x)*step
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